Join Our Planter Angel Team!

May 20, 2022


As Spring begins to bloom around the town, the Marion Garden Group is busy getting all the gardens and window boxes looking their best.  In addition, we have 15 large planters that we place throughout the town.


And this year – we are asking for your help!  We would love to have you join our Planter Angel Teams.


As a Planter Angel, you will be assigned to one planter.  We ask that you work with your team to make sure the planter is properly watered and the planter is always looking its best. 


The Garden Group makes sure all the plants are planted and fertilized – and you have the fun job of overseeing their growth over the summer. What a thrill to see your planters bloom into full, lush colors.


What a great way to get involved in keeping Marion looking beautiful.   This would even be a great family project.


Can you give an hour a week to help keep Marion looking its best?  If so, please email us at or message us here and we will gladly get back to you.