Friends of the Marion Council on Aging


Our Mission

The Friends of Marion COA (FMCOA), founded in 2012, is a private non-profit corporation with a 501(c)(3) status, whose primary purpose is to seek donations through memberships, fundraising events, sponsorships and/or corporate gifts to financially assist the various projects that support and enhance the operation of the Marion Council on Aging.  While the COA works to implement programs with a limited budget appropriated each year by Town Meeting, and supplementary funds from grants, the Friends assist with beyond-budget expenses to expand and enhance the programs of the COA.

In addition, we are an advocate for the COA and for older adults in our town. Our long-range goal is to assist the town in obtaining a center dedicated to our community where seniors can gather for support, socialization, fitness and/or other services, allowing our seniors the support they need to live enriched and independent lives.

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