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The Marion Institute is building a movement.  We engage individuals and communities in a bioregulatory approach to whole body health.  We educate and empower by supporting, connecting and applying the science of self-healing.  We believe optimal health is a basic human right, not a privilege.


  1. With leading practitioners in the field of bioregulatory medicine, we support the development and instruction of professional certifications, ongoing research and dissemination of knowledge;
  2. Educate the public with innovative approaches, assessments and therapies to health and wellness that treat and balance regulatory systems within the body, treating people rather than the symptoms of disease;
  3. Propagate a culture of health based on knowledge, accessibility and equity;
  4. Promote access to this care through financial assistance, with efforts to transform healthcare insurance coverage in the future;
  5. Serve as the fiscal sponsor for our Greenhouse Initiatives which further expand our vision of community health, environmental resilience and social justice



We are pioneering the movement to bring bioregulatory medicine into the mainstream through our Bioregulatory Medicine Programs (BioMed Programs):

BioMed Network – The Bioregulatory Medicine Network (BMN)is advancing healthcare by providing patient options for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of illness. With a focus on natural approaches to whole body health, BMN connects patients with health practitioners who are changing medicine and changing lives

Bioregulatory Medicine Institute – Our newest program, BRMI was created to promote biological regulatory (or bioregulatory) medicine. It’s an intellectual, yet accessible, forum that seeks to bring “the science of self-healing” into the medical mainstream, educating through informative content online and engaging through webinars and regional seminars.

Our commitment to Southcoast Massachusetts runs deep. Our Grow Southcoast programs focus on the educating the community and engaging underserved populations with a goal of a healthier Southcoast. From local farms and our school-based community gardens to nutritional awareness and educational outreach in the community, these programs work to inspire and influence greater quality health throughout the region.

Grow Education cultivates family and school partnerships in marginalized neighborhoods, through a school-based community garden approach focused on project-based learning and environmental and social justice.

Grow Health works to reverse the trends of chronic disease using a bioregulatory approach in community health development. Our goal is to shift community habits from healthcare to creating health, focusing on integrating the pillars of Bioregulatory Medicine; quality nutrition, immune system strengthening and detoxification, into the culture of the Southcoast region.

The Connector Series brings thought leaders from around the world to the south coast of Massachusetts to help share ideas and connect with audiences who have a thirst for knowledge and a passion for positive change. To increase the impact of these cultural and educational events, we frequently collaborate with like-minded organizations to engage and inspire new audiences with innovative events that encourage dialogue and interaction with the speaker and with one another.

Greenhouse Initiatives - The Marion Institute also functions as a fiscal sponsor for a range of smaller organizations-our Greenhouse Initiatives-who are working toward their charitable certification or are in need of administrative support and guidance.

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