Marion woman’s home with history of animal cruelty still unlivable

Sep 15, 2020

MARION — It’s been a little over 10 months since the arrest of Lauren Fisher, 65, for two counts of animal cruelty, interfering with a police officer, and resisting arrest on Dec. 11, 2019.

At the time of her arrest, her home at 464 Front Street was condemned by a Marion Board of Health agent after police found squalid conditions at the home.

Feces were visible on the floor of the home and on a mattress, insects were present throughout the house, and a strong, pervasive odor could be smelled throughout. 

Since then, Marion Health Agent David Flaherty said at a Sept. 15 Board of Health meeting that there is still a “terrific mess” on the outside of the home.

It’s “still not fit for human habitation,” Flaherty said.

A nine-page affadavit used to obtain the search warrant for the home details the 51 animals that were removed from the property and years of observed maltreatment and neglect of dozens of animals.

Fisher pled “not guilty” at an arraignment at Wareham District Court on Dec. 12.

He said the house is a perennial problem for him and the Marion Police Department. Together, Flaherty said they’ve been consistently visiting the home every 10 days to two weeks to see if someone is there.

Flaherty spoke with Fisher’s attorney who said that she plans to sell the home as is. 

Flaherty is not sure how successful the selling of the property will be.

The house is set to be demolished in December if its problems with cleanliness aren’t solved.

Board Chair Dr. Edward Hoffer said he will call in a month’s time to see if the issue can be resolved.

Fisher is on probation, is not allowed to have any animals during the proceedings, and must allow probation officers to check in with her periodically. Her bail was set at $500. If she is arrested again, she will be held without bail.