No Fire In the Church

Mar 23, 2018

There was no fire in church, so we closed Grace Lighthouse Fellowship one recent Sunday.

We hate to close church, but it could have been worse. Wareham Week reported fires in Wareham due to the nor’easter the Friday before, so we might have been forced to write: “Church closed due to fire”. 

We closed because, since the power was out, we could not heat the building. So, which is worse, a church closed for lack of power? Or lack of fire?  😊

Truth is, a controlled fire in the furnaces of our home or churches is far better than a wild fire all through the building. This is true spiritually as well. We seek to have Grace Lighthouse Fellowship "burn" with focused zeal and love for the Lord Jesus, as portrayed in God’s Word.

We want to avoid the uncontrolled wild fire of religious imagination without scriptural foundation, which is often counter-productive to true Spiritual growth.

When Jesus preached to discouraged and wayward believers in Luke 24, they later recalled how “their hearts burned within them” as He opened the scriptures to them. As believers, we want to fan just such true fire to warm hearts with the love of God.

The story is told of a church many years ago which did catch fire, and everyone in the town gathered to put it out the old-fashioned way; by forming a bucket brigade.

The Pastor was astonished to recognize a man passing him a bucket of water, who lived right next door to the church, but never attended.

“This is the first time I ever saw you at church”, the preacher marveled.

“This is the first time the church has ever been on fire!”, came the thought provoking reply. 

Truly, a warm welcome awaits you at Grace Lighthouse Fellowship! Come join us this Sunday, won't you?