Compost piles, swap shops at transfer stations to remain closed

Apr 4, 2018

Several weeks after shutting down the swap shops at transfer stations operated in Marion and Rochester by the Carver, Marion, Wareham Regional Refuse District, the district's Board of Directors announced that the compost and brush collection areas of the transfer stations will close as well.

The swap shops were closed (and will remain closed) due to what the Board of Directors called "increased liability."

Marion Town Administrator Paul Dawson informed Marion's Board of Selectmen on April 3 that the compost piles needed to shut down due to lack of proper management.

"The compost piles in both Marion and Rochester will be closed indefinitely, until they can be cleaned and organized," Dawson told the selectmen.

Dawson did add that brush and other brush disposal can be brought to County Road Recycling in West Wareham, located at 260 County Road.