Boys & Girls Club open to 6 year olds

Jun 19, 2018

The Boys & Girls Club is now going to be open to 6 year olds for Summer Fun Program.  The hours will be from 8 - 5 Monday to Friday,  and the club will be open to children ages 6 - 14  with the addition of 6 year old children who are entering the first grade in September.

The cost is $50 per week, per child.  There are many activities at the club, such as a music program, sailing and learn to swim program, summer academic assistance, field trips, robotics program, computer lab and more.....

Children will be provided breakfast and lunch daily.  Parents may pack snacks and other drinks for kids if they so desire.  Financial Aid forms are available and will be reviewed.  Financial Aid is based on the funding available from sponsorship's and the need based on information provided by family.

Applications are available at the club Monday - Friday from 12 - 6.  There are still openings available at this time.