Cape Cod Canal Region Chamber of Commerce - Advertising

Nov 8, 2023

If you are a member of the Cape Cod Canal Region Chamber of Commerce, you have an opportunity to advertise in our upcoming Guidebook for 2024.  Ed will be phoning members this year over the next week about placing Advertising in our Guidebook. It is a wonderful way for visitors, residents and other small businesses to see your name/logo and basic information about your business.

Ed has been a long time employee of the Chamber. I am sure you have spoken with Ed before about Advertising. If you are new to the Chamber, than read on; this is for you! You create an ad on your own or we can. This is just one way, small businesses gain exposure working with their Chamber. You can email Ed directly at: You can go to your listing on our website to see your last year's ad or to view what other members are doing.