Lloyd Center Supporters Donate Feeders and Food for Birds

Mar 15, 2023

One of the integral aspects of a nature center is its station of bird feeders that attract the familiar backyard forest species or the occasional rarity. Just ask anyone who visited the Lloyd Center for the Environment’s grounds to view the Red-headed Woodpecker that was a hit for many months.

Many visitors stop to check our feeders; they are a stop for all bird walks on the Lloyd Center’s property. They are also the focus of a year-round study of bird feeders used, that includes Project Feederwatch observations done through the Cornell Lab of Ornithology program.

Vast properties such as the Lloyd Center’s 82-acres of most forest also attract a high number of these hungry birds, which ultimately means a high seed bill! As an organization dependent upon donations, we therefore always appreciate those that kindly give toward this cause, and owe some special thanks in that regard.

Over the summer, Kevin and Cheryl Costa of Dartmouth, generously donated a handful of birdfeeders that they hadn’t been using to the Lloyd Center, and have been kind enough to fill the feeders on a regular basis for months now! We can’t thank this couple enough for these contributions.    

We don’t expect all of our donations to come exclusively from Kevin and Cheryl in the distant future. This serves as a reminder that we welcome these items which are always in demand (a demand which will increase as the peak bird feeder months are now upon us), and to also please check our “wish list” on our website for other everyday items needed. If you would like to make a donation to the Lloyd Center, please contact Jamie Bogart at jbogart@lloydcenter.org.

Thanks again to Kevin and Cheryl Costa, and welcome to the Lloyd Center family!