NBSO Shares the Stage with Patrons

Apr 2, 2024

On March 16 the audience at the New Bedford Symphony Orchestra’s “You on Stage” concert had several special experiences to enjoy. Before the concert, patrons were invited on stage for a guided tour as the orchestra was warming up. They learned about the intricacies of stage plotting, making changes between pieces, and the kinds of routines musicians follow before the performance. They also mounted the conductor’s podium to see the orchestra from that most unique of perspectives. More than one snapped a selfie to remember.

But that was just a warm-up for what happened next. Twenty lucky raffle winners returned to the stage to sit with the orchestra during its performance of Mozart’s Sinfonia Concertante. “To see the musicians’ facial expressions and body language from that vantage point was entrancing,” stated raffle-winner Christel Sievert, “you could feel the love the musicians have for their work. It was amazing.”

Another raffle-winner, Carolyn Edwards, recounted “I was thrilled to be on stage for a piece by my favorite composer and such wonderful musicians. The surround sound effect of being on stage was something I will never forget. It was so special to have this experience.”

NBSO Music Director Yaniv Dinur did not mind the extra company on stage and was happy to give audience members a chance to see things the way he does. “The view from the podium is more than just a view, it is where that feeling of connection with the musicians begins,” Dinur explained. “I was very happy that our patrons were able to get a taste of that.”

NBSO CEO Dave Prentiss lauded both Dinur and the orchestra’s musicians for being such gracious hosts on stage. “Both during the pre-concert tour and immediately before and after the Mozart performance, they all embraced the moment and made our guests feel very welcomed,” Prentiss stated. “I think everyone is going to want to do this again.”

NBSO patrons also had one more opportunity for something a little different at the concert. When they arrived they were greeted by ten life-size cardboard cutouts of the Maestro himself, scattered around the lobby. “Everywhere I turned there was another one!” laughed season subscriber Sandria Parsons. NBSO Marketing Director Conee Sousa explained, “We just wanted to have a little fun and give people another reason to take photos and post on their social media, and I can tell you it definitely worked!”

The NBSO’s next concert is April 13 and will feature works by Nabors, Prokofiev, and Brahms. No word yet on what surprises they may have in store for patrons next.

To explore and enjoy more music, visit NBSO Musical Connections at https://nbsymphony.org/musical-connections/