‘Last chance’ for nuisance kennel

Jan 14, 2019

ROCHESTER — The howling and yelping from a former North Ave kennel has persisted for years and on Monday Selectmen again issued restrictions against the owner following renewed noise complaints.

Under the new restrictions issued during the board’s Jan. 14 meeting, dogs on the property of Liberal Teixeira will not be allowed outside without an adult and a leash.

The restrictions come after neighbors complained about noise and suggested Teixeira was running a kennel after his license was revoked by the board in 2015 following similar complaints.

The original complaints against Teixeira were made in 2013, but issues were resolved after he placed some of the dogs in foster homes.

In 2014, Teixeira was back in front of the Selectmen and ordered to meet conditions if he were to keep the kennel. The requirements included soundproofing their outdoor kennels and reducing the number of dogs on the property from 16 to six. 

After failing to comply with the conditions, a criminal complaint was filed against the kennel in Wareham District Court and Selectmen revoked Teixeira’s license to operate a kennel on Aug. 10, 2015.

Though noise levels dropped for a short period of time, neighbors said the problem surfaced again around a year later. During a Dec. 14 meeting, the Selectmen heard complaints from neighbors who urged the board to take action to end the continuous barking. 

“What I took into consideration was the history of this property and the prior orders the board has issued,” said Town Counsel Blair Bailey.

There were two choices that the Selectmen could have made, said Bailey, either ban dogs on the property completely or implement restrictions. Bailey recommended that Board issue specific restrictions regarding dogs on the property. 

The Selectmen agreed with Bailey’s assessment, ruling that a dog must be with an adult and leashed when outside. Also, all dogs must be housed either inside or in a kennel building approved by the board.

There cannot be more than three dogs licensed on the property at one time and Teixeira will be subjected to inspections by the Animal Control Officer at least three times a year. 

Bailey said that the restrictions are the “best step” to address the ongoing issues, and that Animal Control needs to stay on top of Teixeira to ensure his compliance. 

“At the first sign we have any issues, we do what the next step would be — which would be going to court,” said Bailey. “This is your last chance because we’ve had years of issues and its not fair to the neighborhood. “

“I think this is a firm as we can be at this time,” said Vice Chair Brad Morse. “We’ll go for this and ask the neighbors if they have any complaints to make sure they notify us.”