A blast from the past: Then and Now exhibit brings back memories

Aug 31, 2023

MATTAPOISETT — Mattapoisett residents took a stroll down memory lane during the Mattapoisett Museum’s reception for its first Then and Now exhibit on Thursday, Aug. 31.

The exhibit features photos of Mattapoisett locations as they were in the past and present day. 

“I love the before and after and other people do too,” said Mattapoisett Museum curator Connor Gaudet.

Gaudet said he searched through museum archives to uncover photos of Mattapoisett’s past. 

One of his favorite discoveries was a vintage “panorama” photo of Mattapoisett Town Wharf. The image is displayed next to a modern day panorama taken by Gaudet with his phone.

The “panorama” image was composed of six different photos that Gaudet believes were taken in the early 20th century. He explained that many of the photos within the museum’s archives are undated.

“It’s fun making discoveries like that and being able to piece it together,” said Gaudet.

Among the photos is a large timeline display of the evolution of the property most recently known as the Lebanese Kitchen.

“It surprised me how many different businesses were in the Lebanese Kitchen location,” said Mattapoisett Museum curator Conner Gaudet. 

Gaudet explained that before the location was what it is today, it once was Kopper Kettle in 1936 then renamed The Nest in 1960. Since then, owners of The Nest opened a second location called The Nest Diner which is now the Mattapoisett Diner.

According to Gaudet, the exhibit is expected to be on display at the Mattapoisett Museum for a year.