Bricks sold to commemorate loved ones

Jun 20, 2022

MATTAPOISETT – A project that allows the memories of loved ones to be etched in stone is expanding.

Additional locations have been added to an ongoing program that allows people to purchase bricks inscribed with names of individuals who are special to them.

Bricks have previously been available and placed at Shipyard Park, Ned’s Point, the Town Hall, Tinkham Pond, and the Herring Weir.

Alex Murphy of the Mattapoisett Historical Commission requested for space to place 67 additional bricks in town.

“We are really pleased with the gazebo pathway,” Murphy said, speaking of the most recent project at Shipyard Park where the bricks were placed by the Highway Department.

Murphy said that Highway Surveyor Garrett Bauer suggested that they do a similar path along the pavilion at Shipyard Park. They also put in an application for the space at the east end of the park, “where the grass isn’t growing.”

Both applications were approved by the select board.

The Mattapoisett Historical Commission has led the project for commemorative granite bricks for the past 14 years. More than 500 bricks have been placed in partnership with the Highway Department.

Bricks may be inscribed up to three lines with up to 16 letters per line, including spaces and punctuation. The Historical Commission reserves the right to omit any wording deemed inappropriate. The cost of each brick is $55.

Order forms are available at For more information, applicants can contact Alex Murphy at (207) 318-1203.