Candidate profile: Tyler Macallister

May 12, 2020

Tyler Macallister is running to take back the seat he gave up in September to pursue the then-open town administrator position because, he says, he wants to continue his work with

town finances and improvement projects, much like his eight and half years on the board.

He has lived in town for 19 years with his wife Cindy and daughter Alexandra. Macallister said he wants to “put in the time and effort to continue to support its operation, decision-making and future, as demonstrated in the improvements in the financial condition of the town over the last nine years.” Professionally, he holds a master’s of business administration, owns a solar energy facility on the Cape and works as a commodity broker and analyst.

Macallister said that the town is in a tremendous place financially and is prepared for unforeseen expenditures, such as those imposed by the coronavirus pandemic.

Macallister believes it is possible for the town to work on capital project management with the Old Rochester Regional School District to bring the high school’s field renovation project to fruition. In 2019, the district’s $2 million proposal to redo its track, turf field and auditorium lights was defeated in the final step of a Proposition 21⁄2 override.

Macallister noted that improving the road and sewer system in the town’s Industrial Drive commerce park would bring in more businesses.

With six years of experience on the Conservation Commission, Macallister is a proponent of solar energy projects, calling them “a great form of alternative energy,” if farms are placed in the right locations.

Since joining the commission in 2005, Macallister has supported the bike path, but said that there is work to be done on the Neck Road crossing because of its high speed limit.

Macallister said he wanted to be the town administrator to carry out the work he helped start on the board, and is now running again to be Selectmen to complete that same goal.

Since he began on the commission in 2005, Macallister has been a strong supporter of the bike path, but said that there is still work to be done about the crossing on Neck Road because the speed limit is still 40 mph. 

If elected, he said he would work with the town’s Council on Aging to improve and expand the current services offered.

Macallister said he sought the town administrator position in September to ensure the momentum he helped start on the Board of Selectmen in improving the town’s financial standing keeps going, and is now running again to be Selectmen to carry that same goal out.