Center School’s blast from the past

Nov 9, 2018

MATTAPOISETT— Today marked the 50th day since the school year had started at Center School, and brought something a little special to the school’s morning meeting: a 1950’s celebration. 

Event organizers asked children and staff alike to dress up in 1950s outfits for the occasion, known as 50’s Day. Organizers asked boys to wear varsity jackets, white t-shirts with the sleeves rolled up, jeans, which could also have the cuffs rolled up, white socks, black shoes and slicked back hair. They encouraged girls to wear a blouse and skirt (with or without poodles), cardigans, a scarf either tied around the neck or as a headband, ponytails and bobby socks. 

The kindergarten classrooms have a number line to mark how many days they have been in school, and years ago teachers thought it would be fun use day 50 to teach about 1950s history. So they started the tradition of dressing up in honor of day 50.

Mackenzie Sylvia’s kindergarten class also learned a few dances to share with the school during morning meeting. The students did the twist, and danced to “Who Put the Bomp,” before proceeding to their classrooms.