Community comes out for work day at Brainard Marsh

Nov 21, 2020

MARION — While the weather is still warm, the Sippican Lands Trust went out to Brainard Marsh on Nov. 21 to rid the property of a few invasive species. 

The Lands Trust allows community members to help out during work and cleanup days. President Alan Harris said that he thinks it gives the community a sense of ownership of the land. 

And apparently, the community feels some of that ownership. Harris said that four new volunteers came to help clean up the marsh. 

Part of the cleanup involved weed whacking the invasive phragmites plant, which Nancy Rolli helped handle. She said she stopped by to help because the marsh is one of her favorite places.

“I come to this place to meditate,” Rolli said. “There’s a rock out there with my name on it. Only the osprey yell at me when I’m out there.”