Contractor selected for Mattapoisett water main project

Dec 27, 2018

MATTAPOISETT — The Water and Sewer Commission selected contractor Joseph Cardillo of Wakefield for a water main replacement between Point Connett and Peases Point  at a  Dec. 27 meeting.

Construction to replace the water main, which was exposed by a 2010 storm, will likely begin in February.

Residents may need to change when they leave or where they park to avoid construction vehicles, but otherwise the project should only minimally impact them.

Fuss and O’Neill, an engineering consultant with a location in Quincy, provided engineering and planning aid for the project. Kevin Flood attended the meeting as the company’s representative to answer any questions that commission members had.

Thursday’s contract marks the third phase of the project.

The first phase evaluated options for repairing the main.The commission considered installing the main by drilling or finding an alternative path for the water and sewer mains.It elected for the drilling because the alternate path would require tree clearing and damage wetlands.

The second phase of the project included design and bidding on the water main.

Coastal Zone Management is a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration program which provides financial and technical assistance to identify or remedy coastal vulnerabilities. The program provided funds for all three parts of the water main project, including around $100,000 for the first part of the project.

In the current phase, Coastal Zone Management provided $498,758 in grant money to be used by the end of June. The town also voted to allocate $800,000 for the project at November’s town meeting.

Cardillo won the contract by offering the least expensive bid, at $692,782.

The water and sewer commission plans to hold public information sessions in early January to inform neighbors about the impacts of the project and answer questions.