First responders visit OR to talk about public service careers

Sep 30, 2021

First responders from around the state gathered at ORR High School on Sept. 30 to meet with the school’s Lifeskills class, a special education course, and discuss public service career paths with the students.

Police cruisers from local and State Police were in attendance along with an ambulance, two comfort dogs-in-training, and a State Police Airwing helicopter which landed in one of the practice fields.

“It’s been really great for the kids,” said Lifeskills Teacher Danielle Moore. “It’s a great way for them to get to know first responders, not just see them around.”

The event was part of a curriculum unit focused on researching various career paths, the roles they play in the community, and the educational and experiential requirements of each.

Students in the class also worked on their interviewing skills, writing questions for the first responders ahead of time to ask during the event.

The highlight of the event was undoubtedly the helicopter which Tactical Flight Officer Kenneth Dinjian said was used mostly for locating lost people.

“Our primary function is search,” he said, adding that the helicopter is used to look for “good guys and bad guys.”

Dinjian said they also occasionally have to use the vehicle to fight forest fires by scooping water out of ponds and lakes with a “Bambi bucket” and dumping it on the fire.

"We are excited to be welcoming first responders to our campus this week to talk with our Lifeskills Classrooms students about their roles in the community," Principal Devoll said. "Overall, our students will be able to learn more about these valuable public service positions and continue to build positive relationships with community members and professionals."

Through the curriculum unit students are also learning about other public service roles such as highway department personnel, medical staff and more.