Golfers take to the green, fundraise for ORR prom

Oct 10, 2022

MARION — The grass was still wet with dew on Sunday, Oct. 9, when golfers arrived at the Marion Golf Club to play a charity tournament to raise money for the Old Rochester Regional High School class of 2023. 

Golfers paid $30 each to play in the tournament and all proceeds from the event went to fund the senior prom for the class of 2023. 

The fundraiser was organized by Markus Pierre, a senior at ORR who is the 2023 class president. He said it is one of many that the class of 2023 has held to fund their prom. 

He noted that an ORR prom can cost anywhere from $15,000 to $35,000. So far, the class of 2023 has raised a little over $7,000 since fundraising began during his freshman year, he said. 

Pierre, who plays on the ORR golf team, said that he chose to hold a golf fundraiser in part because of the success of the school’s golf team this season. 

“Golf is just a fun sport in general,” said Pierre. “A lot of people love to play.”

Going forward, Pierre said he plans to hold a trunk-or-treat halloween event and a teachers vs. students basketball game to raise more money for prom.

Out on the course, teams of golfers made their way to their starting holes when the tournament began at 8 a.m. Daniel Roveda and Brian Fitzpatrick made up one of the twosomes playing in the tournament. 

“[Fitzpatrick] kind of roped me into coming,” joked Roveda, adding sarcastically, “There’s no altruistic reason for me being here.”

Roveda has a daughter who goes to ORR and Fitzpatrick’s four children have all attended the highschool, the duo said. Roveda added that he frequents the Marion Golf Course and lives “just up the road,” making it even easier for him to attend the game.

According to Will Daly, who runs operations at the Marion Golf Club, the club hosted the fundraiser free of charge. 

Daly said this is the third fundraiser the club hosted this year. Earlier in the summer the club donated course time to the Sippican Lands Trust and to a group raising money for Alzheimer's research. 

“This year we're trying to get more involved in the community,” said Daly. “That's something we’ve been trying to do since we took over here.”

Also playing in the tournament was Michael Pierre, Markus’ father. He formed a twosome with his son, Luck, who is in eighth grade.

“[The tournament] is a very creative idea,” said Pierre. “I’m proud of [Markus’] effort and everyone at ORR.”