Homecoming rally, undefeated football team make for an exciting Friday at ORRHS

Oct 12, 2018

MATTAPOISETT —On Friday afternoon, the beloved Old Rochester bulldog was rescued four times -- by Superman, Shrek, from a school of sharks and in a “Grease”-theme car race as students geared up for a football face-off against Fairhaven.

Hours later, the helmeted Bulldogs romped to a 35-0 victory over the Blue Devils, maintaining an undefeated record and guaranteeing the team a place in the South Coast Conference title game.

At the homecoming rally on Friday, each grade level performed a skit which featured pop culture nods, over the top costumes, and many dance-offs. 

The rally began with a dance group performing and then moved on to the freshmen skit, which featured the ORR bulldog getting kidnapped by a gang of villains. Clark Kent reported the news to rally-goers and then a team of superheroes ranging from the Ninja Turtles to Captain America had an intense dance-off with the villains. Kent then transformed into Superman and knocked out the last villain to rescue the mascot. 

The sophomores created a Jaws-themed skit, where a group of carefree beachgoers faced off against a school of sharks who kidnapped their friends. This lead to a dance-off between the land dwellers and the sharks, while a few sophomores in boats circled the perimeter of the gym. 

The junior class skit was based on the movie Shrek and featured a variety of fairy-tale characters, including a large group of fairies. The ORR bulldog was kidnapped once again, this time by the Lord Farquaad and his guards. 

Based on another famous movie, the senior skit was Grease themed. Students used a projector and dubbed over the original credits of the film to explain which students were playing which characters. The skit used audio from the movie and students pantomimed along. In addition to dancing, the skit featured a car race to rescue the ORR bulldog, who was kidnapped by the Fairhaven High School Blue Devils. 

That night, the varsity football team continued the homecoming entertainment by rolling to a victory against the Blue Devils, which qualified them to play for the league title against Joseph Case High School on Oct. 19. 

The Bulldogs received the ball to begin the game, and went to work immediately on offense. On the first play from scrimmage, senior wide receiver Anthony Childs ran for a 55-yard touchdown to kick off an onslaught of scoring. 

Senior Cole McIntyre caught two touchdown passes, including a 20-yard reception which put the bulldogs up 28-0 just before half. Jackson Cote and Tyler Noe each scored a touchdown for ORR by the end of the game as well.

The offense slowed following halftime, but their output in the first half was enough to sustain the lead. Fairhaven’s offense looked sluggish and was unable to get on the scoreboard. On their single trip into the red zone, they had a field goal blocked by the Bulldog’s defense. 

Coming into the game, the Bulldogs were undefeated on the season and now improve to 6-0.