Long road for Long Wharf redesign project

Jun 12, 2024

MATTAPOISETT — Since June 2022, the Mattapoisett Select Board and Marine Advisory Board have been at work to repair and redesign the town’s “deteriorating” Long Wharf. Now, a representative from Childs Engineering, the Bellingham-based group contracted to complete the project, presented the town with a 35% design sketch that outlines the wharf’s future. 

Long Wharf was given an “overall generally poor classification” by Childs Engineering in 2022. This “broadly means that it’s got deterioration in widespread areas, reduction in structural capacity, but there’s no stressing or breaking that would require it to be closed down,” said Childs Engineering representative Andrew Nilson at a 2022 Select Board meeting.

The 35% design sketch followed a concept design phase for the project that began after a September 2023 soil study.

By the beginning to middle of July, Childs Engineering will have a “series of deliverables for the town” — a set of plans, an explanation of the concept of the project design, what further work needs to be developed to reach 100% design, and cost estimates, Nilson said.

Nilson said Childs Engineering had begun reaching out to a company to estimate cost for the project.

“We’re wondering how much that’s going to slow it down, but we’ll see what we can do” he said.

Mattapoisett Select Board member Jordan Collyer said “the cost is going to be the cost is going to be the cost.”

“We’re not going to get past the cost on this, no matter what way we slice it,” he said.