'Make your cookie and eat it too' with Marion cookie business

Jan 9, 2023

MARION — Debi Lindsey-Morrison never thought that spending a night making Halloween cookies could turn into an occupation. 

Rolling in the Dough, a decorate-it-yourself cookie company has grown from a “side-hustle” to a community-loved business.

“We started as a hobby,” said Lindsey-Morrison. “It was just something we did for ourselves and our friends during the holidays.”

Lindsey-Morrison started her business in 2015 along with her wife Lisa Morrison and their two-year-old daughter Freya in Plymouth. 

“We really made a name for ourselves [in Plymouth],” she said.

The family then settled in Marion where the business currently operates out of a local restaurant owned by Lindsey-Morrison’s family.

According to Lindsey-Morrison, she hopes to open a physical store for Rolling in Dough in the future.

“We are still in the very early stages of figuring it out,” she said.

From Valentine's Day themed dinosaurs to sports jerseys and even house plants, Rolling In Dough creates delish designs for every occasion.

Rolling In the Dough specializes in customizable cookies that taste just as good as they look. 

“You see so many pretty [baked goods] and you taste it and it tastes like cardboard,” said Morrison.

According to Morrison, her wife  has spent a great deal of time researching the best ingredients to ensure the taste of the product.

“We don’t skimp [on the ingredients],” Lindsey-Morrison said. “We use pure vanilla and the best butter.”

In addition to selling cookies, the women-owned business offers instructive cookie decorating classes.

“Since the pandemic, people have discovered this cookie decorating hobby,” she said.

Each class is centered around a specific theme or holiday, participants are given everything they need from piping bags to sprinkles to create their perfect cookie.

“You get to make your cookie and eat it too,” said Morrison with a laugh. 

Lindsey-Morrison said that the most rewarding experience from starting the business has been being able to connect with the community. 

‘We’ve watched people’s whole lives through cookies,” she said. “We’ve seen weddings and baby showers to births —it’s awesome.”