Marion’s Meghan Parks in seventh after first day of CrossFit Games

Jul 27, 2021

MARION — After her first day at the CrossFit Games, Meghan Parks of Marion is sitting seventh in the 50-54 women’s age group.

CrossFit is a program of high-intensity interval training that combines cardio, gymnastics and weightlifting. Though the program has many who use it to get fit and stay fit, there’s also a robust, sanctioned competitive scene, in which athletes from around the world compete. The CrossFit games in Madison, WI are this year’s international championship.

Parks, who trains at Seaside CrossFit in Wareham, learned she would be competing in the games against the world’s 20 best CrossFit athletes in her age group in the spring. She ranked 17th to make the cut.

Parks competed in three events on July 27.

The first was a 3.75 mile run, which she finished in seventh place with a time of 30:32.39.

The second event was a timed workout, comprising five sets of one 20-foot rope climb followed by five reps of a 195-pound deadlift. Parks came in ninth with a time of 4:04.

Parks finished in a three-way tie for seventh in the third event, a snatch weight lift, with 127 pounds. A snatch is an Olympic lift in which a barbell is taken from the ground to overhead with a wide grip.

Following the three events, Parks was sitting seventh — ten spots above her entry rank — overall in the women’s 50-54 competition. She competed in further events on Wednesday, after Sippican Week’s deadline, and will finish up the competition Thursday.