Marion Codification Committee continues bylaw improvements

Aug 29, 2019

MARION —  In 2016, the Town of Marion hired General Code, a consultant company who specializes in reviewing municipal bylaws for content and conflict. General Code provided some 280 comments on discrepancies, ambiguities, and misplaced items in the Town of Marion bylaws.

The Bylaw Codification Committee, a subcommittee of the Planning Board, has since been meeting regularly to resolve the comments. Proposed corrections and improvements have been submitted at subsequent Town Meetings.

For this Fall Town Meeting, another set of improvements to various sections in the Marion bylaws will be provided. Some are filling blank zoning determinations in the Table of Use Regulations, changing titles, removing duplicate sections, adding clarification, removing laws already in the state building code, and defining the volume of a building.

The Planning Board will holding a public hearing on Monday, Oct. 7 at 7:20 p.m. on the proposed bylaw changes for the Fall Town Meeting. Anyone interested is invited to attend the public hearing, or visit the Planning Board Office to view the text of these proposals.