Marion Fire Department helps clean up fuel spill

Feb 8, 2019

MARION — At 9 a.m on Feb. 8 fire crews responded to Barden’s Boat Yard for a personal vessel about 30 yards from the water that was leaking fuel.

Marion Fire Deparment worked with the Marion Harbormaster and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection to clean up the spilled fuel. 

According to Marion Harbormaster Isaac Perry, the leak probably occurred when one of the fuel tanks on a boat ruptured. 

From the size of the fuel tank, Perry estimated that about 150 gallons of fuel likely leaked out of the tank. 

However he said that “we were able to get just about all of it,” adding, that he considers the incident wrapped up as of Friday morning and is not concerned about further environmental impacts from the leak.  

“The outcome was ‘textbook,’ as it was put to me. It was a good thing that we were able to prevent any of the fuel from entering Sippican Harbor,” Mike Cormier at Barden’s Boat Yard added. 

“I want to thank the fire department, DEP, and anyone else that was involved,” Cormier continued.