Marion Police put out message on fireworks

Jul 2, 2019

MARION — The Marion Police Department reminds residents that fireworks are illegal to possess or ignite in Massachusetts. The department also has parking suggestions for guests in the village. 

The Department advises that guests arrive before 7 p.m. Police have several parking requests to make leaving before, during or immediately after the fireworks easier. The police request that cars that park on side streets west of Front Street park facing Converse Road. For Those living east of Front Street should direct their guests to park facing Water street. 

The exception is Vine Street. Guests parked there should face Front Street. No parking will be allowed on the south side of Lewis Street between Front Street and Converse Road. 

For event attendees at Silvershell Beach, Police advise that alcohol and dogs are not allowed. Handicap parking is available for those that need it. 

The Marion Police request that those at the fireworks be vigilant and say something to the police if they see something suspicious.