Marion requests proposals to outsource trash pickup

Apr 3, 2019

MARION — Town Administrator Paul Dawson and Interim Superintendent of the Department of Public Works Jonathan Henry updated Selectmen about progress on fixing the town’s trash trucks and searching for alternate pickup options. 

At the April 2 meeting, Henry said that both trucks are nearly fixed, with the town’s GMC truck fully operational, and the Mack truck scheduled to be completed the next day. The Mack truck will then be road tested. Having both trucks will mean that the town will not have to rent a trash truck at $1,250 a day. 

One of the town’s trash trucks has been out for repairs for several months, as the mechanic would fixed one thing only to discover in road tests that the truck sill had the same problem. The truck was almost completely overhauled as a result. The engine on the backup truck exploded due to the increased strain from additional routes. 

As a result of the town’s trash troubles, Selectmen decided to explore outsourcing trash pickup, one of the options that will be presented to voters at Town Meeting. To better inform voters, the Selectmen authorized advertising for proposals from private trash haulers. Town Administrator Paul Dawson said that he had three companies that have expressed interest so far, and there may be others. 

He anticipates that all three companies will make proposals before the April 17 deadline for the request.