Marion takes feedback on trash collection

Feb 25, 2020

MARION — The Town of Marion transitioned to automated curbside trash collection in July of 2019, and on Monday night, Feb. 24, the Board of Selectmen, and Town Administrator held a public meeting at the Marion Music Hall to listen to feedback on the new collection method from town residents. 

The town used to have workers collect trash bags manually, and throw them in the back of a garbage truck. The new automated system is more effective and safe for workers, according to Selectman Norm Hills. It also uses plastic bins, which helps keep the trash bags organized at the curbside. 

While much of the feedback on Monday night was positive, residents did bring a few issues to light.

One resident, who identified himself as a “newcomer” to Marion said that he was having difficulties keeping track of the collection schedule. He said that the color-coded chart provided by the town was hard to understand, and he was unsure of how to follow the town’s schedule.

“I’ll follow the rules, but you’ve got to tell me what they are and stick with them,” he said. 

After some discussion, Town Administrator James McGrail told the new Marion resident that he would speak to him directly later on, to help him better understand the collection schedule. 

A resident from Converse Road described a specific issue that he faces when dealing with trach especially long driveway. The man explained that due to the length of his driveway, he has to use his vehicle to bring trash to the curbside, but that the bins provided by the town are too big to fit in his vehicle. He asked for a smaller container, and town employees delivered one within an hour, but the new container was still too big to haul in his vehicle. 

McGrail said that the town would try to accomodate the man in some way, to take care of this issue. 

Other residents asked about how to be notified about holiday collection schedules. McGrail recommended signing up for the town’s email blasts and said that the only way to do that is by going on the town website, and that he would be happy to guide residents through the sign up process. 

Residents also asked about whether the town could put collection schedules on the website. McGrail said that this was possible, and that he had considered putting an informational video on the website as well. 

One resident joked about another option to consider when he isn’t sure if he should put his trash and recycling at the curb. “For a low tech solution, sometimes I just look at my neighbors, he said.”