Planning Board works through Master Plan delay

Sep 21, 2020

MATTAPOISETT — It’s been a month since the Southeastern Regional Economic Development District and the town’s Planning Board held workshops to hash out Mattapoisett’s Master Plan to set forth the trajectory of the town’s future. 

Since then, board members said at a Sept. 21 meeting that they haven’t heard anything about next steps, or about the development of a Master Plan Committee.

“I think we gotta keep the momentum going,” board member Janice Robbins said. 

Board members agreed that the sessions were helpful in hearing what has worked so far for the town in terms of safety and developments as a model for the future. 

Board Secretary Mary Crain explained that the town is having input into selecting members for the committee.

She said Town Administrator Michael Lorenco was helping select the people from a list of twenty or so people, and whittling it down to 9 to 11 volunteers. 

The problem that board members had though, is that they feel they aren’t being keyed in on the process.

“I think I’m having an issue with how this committee is being formed,” Robbins said, to which Board Chair Tom Tucker agreed. Multiple board members felt that the Town Administrator is taking the selection over. 

“It’s the Planning Board’s function to make the committee,” Robbins said. 

Member Nathan Ketchel pointed out that he nor other members have the list of candidates that was compiled back in January when the town put out a request for committee members.