Mattapoisett broker elected director-at-large of Massachusetts Association of Realtors

Dec 30, 2018

MATTAPOISETT — Real estate broker Kate Lanagan MacGregor has developed an impressive juggling routine — and after being elected to a top position in her profession, she will be asked to juggle even more.

As the broker-owner of BOLD Moves Real Estate in Mattapoisett, MacGregor has recently been named the director-at-large of the Massachusetts Association of Realtors (MAR), adding to her long list of responsibilities. On Dec. 4, the Rochester resident was elected to the two-year position with the organization.

“It's absolutely an honor to be able to help our community like this because that is the whole reason why I am passionate about being a realtor ‘evangelist,’” said MacGregor. 

MacGregor, who grew up in Mattapoisett, said she initially received her real estate license in 1985 but took a break from the job because she was unsure if it was the right fit for her. “But when I became a mother I reactivated my realty license because it seemed like a good position to partner with being a mom,” she said. 

After reactivating her license in 2000, she set out with the goal to help her family and friends. In response to a declining housing market, MacGregor decided to start BOLD Moves Real Estate.

Since the inception of BOLD Moves, MacGregor has held various leadership roles on the state and national level. MacGregor has been heavily involved with training realtors across the state and nation, and also owns the Agent Rising Real Estate Training School. 

On the local level, MacGregor served as the 2018 President of the Realtor Association of Southeastern Massachusetts. She was also named the MAR Realtor of the year for 2018, a designation that MacGregor is proud of. 

“It was a huge honor,” said MacGregor. “Our vision of success has always been how can we serve our consumer or families our friends, so I never thought that would be something to come to me.”

To continue her efforts on larger scale, MacGregor turned toward the director-at-large position of MAR. As director-at-large, she will serve as a state director and a voting member of the executive committee. “I will be representing the state rather than a small region,” she added.

The world of realty has three tiers: local, state, and national. The Massachusetts Association of Realtors is a trade organization operating at the state level and, as the director-at-large, MacGregor will act as the governing body of the board. Her main responsibilities are finance, government affairs, and education.

MacGregor also said that being involved in the community is important to her and BOLD Moves. The Friends of the Mattapoisett Bicycle and Recreational Path have held meetings at the BOLD Moves Welcome Center, and the Old Rochester football team held their pre-championship banquet there as well. 

“We want to be a part of he community and we that’s the best way to serve,” she said. “That's where we get the realtor of the year and the director-at-large position, the whole thing all comes back to serving — serve and elevate, and the rest just follows.”