Mattapoisett sets next year’s tax rates

Nov 22, 2021

MATTAPOISETT — The owners of the average single-family home will pay $7,207.96 in property taxes in fiscal year 2022, an increase of nearly four percent over the fiscal year 2021 bill, town assessor Kathleen Costello told the select board at their Nov. 22 meeting.

This includes the addition of 1 percent on each bill, or $72.07 on average, for the Community Preservation Act, which allows these funds to be used for projects related to community housing, historic preservation, open space protection and outdoor recreation.

The proposed single tax rate for FY 2022 is $12.47 per one thousand of assessed valuation. This is a $0.49 or 3.9% decrease over the FY 2021 tax rate of $12.96 and a $1.02 or 8.2% decrease from FY2020.

The average FY22 home value is $578,024, she said. This represents an increase of 7.9 percent over the FY 21 assessed value of $535,916.

The total real and personal property assessed value for FY 2022 is just over $2 billion, or $2,083,506,322. This is a hike of just under 8 percent from FY 2021.

The select board agreed to maintain a single tax rate for both personal and commercial properties.

Having a separate rate for commercial property would reduce the average residential tax bill by $248.55. But the average commercial/industrial value would increase from $5.270.17 to $7,907.27, for an increase of $2,637.20.

The relatively low decrease to homeowners compared to the large hike in commercial tax bills reflects the relatively small number of businesses in town, she said.

Personal property makes up the bulk of the tax base, she said.

The town needs to add commercial properties to ease the burden on residential taxpayers, Costello said. “That’s the drum I beat every year,’’ she said.

These figures reflect the current best estimates, she said. They are “not set in stone,’’ she said, and could “move a bit,’’ she said.