Mattapoisett will look to sell old fire station

Mar 26, 2019

MATTAPOISETT — An update to the Board of Selectmen on plans to renovate the fire station led to a discussion of what will happen to the current fire station building at a March 26 meeting.

Selectman Paul Silva posed the question of what would happen to the current fire station once a new station is constructed in the field next to the Police Department.

Town Administrator Michael Gagne replied that the building would be appraised to find its market value, and sold, with the revenue from the sale used to offset the cost of constructing a new station.

Gagne said the station should have a fairly substantial value, as “the Fire Department has done a very good job keeping it up.”

Jordan Collyer, chair of the Board of Selectmen said that the town should look into a market appraisal before Town Meeting.

Gagne explained that the article at Town Meeting to approve the fire station renovation usually includes language that gives the Selectmen authority to appraise and sell the existing building.

The Architect and Project Manager for the fire station project have been selected, and both are performing independent cost analyses on the project. Gagne said that the work on the station is proceeding well.