A memorial for ‘Mr. Marion’

Sep 20, 2023

MARION — For Buddy Washburn, his father Warren Washburn, who died in 2001, was “Mr. Marion.”

“[He was on] committees … when he learned about something that needed to be done, he did it,” said Buddy at a meeting of the Marion Select Board on Tuesday, Sept. 19.

Now, following a vote by the Marion Select Board, a granite and metal memorial that bears Warren Washburn’s name will be placed at the base of a red maple tree at Marion’s Old Landing.

The tree, said Buddy, was planted by his mother in 2001.

“He did a lot of things and he did [them] quietly … if he were alive he probably would be chasing us all over not to do it. It's something we want to do,” said Buddy. “Not too many people in town remember my dad because there are a lot of newer people.”

According to Buddy, the plaque is “ready to go” and he hopes to have it in place before Veteran’s Day. Warren Washburn was a World War II veteran who lived in Marion his whole life, only leaving to fight overseas.