Museum presenter rocks the fossils

Nov 15, 2018

On Wednesday Nov. 14th the Marion Natural History Museum's after-school group enjoyed learning a little about what it takes to become a geologist and a paleontologist from geologist Jim Pierson.

Students tried out some of the equipment required, and discussed the type of working conditions the scientists encounter. Pierson spoke about the three different types of rocks; sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic, and students inspected various types of rocks and minerals close-up.

Program participants then took a look at some of the many fossils Pierson collected over the years. These included Stromatolites, are single-celled organisms found in sedimentary rocks, which were over 500 million years old. Students also examined at the fossil remains of Trilobites and Crinoids.

The Museum wishes to thank Pierson for his wonderful program, as well as the parent volunteers who stayed to help out.