Old Colony girls lacrosse grows, works together

Apr 18, 2024

ROCHESTER — In the span of a year, girls lacrosse at Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School grew from 26 players on one team to 33 total across a varsity and junior varsity team.

The program at Old Colony has grown — to the benefit of the lacrosse players.

Junior Addison Tyler said that there’s more opportunity this year for everyone on the varsity team to play with one another, in the process “working as a team together more.”

“I think we're getting along really well with that aspect,” Tyler said.

Last season, the team had struggled with certain game facets, like midfield transition and passing, according to junior Logan Crook. That’s changed this season.

“We work a lot better this year than we did last year,” Crook said. “We're definitely coming together a lot better as a team and communicating a lot better.”

The Cougars faced Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School Monday, April 15 in a 8-6 defeat.

Despite the loss, the game demonstrated that the team can adapt, according to head coach Katie Cawley.

“All of them were able to really step it up and try different positions today when they were needed to, so that just shows to me that when they're called upon, they'll step up to the plate,” Cawley said.

Because of April vacation, the team was missing players. Tyler also said it was a good game in the sense of players “doing different things and stepping up when they need to.”

The team has worked especially well together this year, according to Tyler.

“I feel like we're all a family, and we all can talk to each other,” she said. “And if one of us does something wrong, instead of pointing that out, just saying ‘You've got it next time.’”

For Old Colony, the vocational playoffs, state playoffs and a league championship is the goal, according to senior Abby Pitts.

She said the team is “putting all differences aside” to focus on lacrosse.

“It's just lacrosse,” Pitts said. “We just want to win. Just want to get the job done.”

Tyler said the team — with players trying new positions and first-year varsity starting goalie Jayleana Fernandes — has a good chance to make it further this season. Old Colony went 7-11 in 2023.

“We all know that we are here for the same thing, which is really helpful,” Tyler said.

For Crook, the team as a group has drive. They trust each other.

“I feel like we definitely are doing a lot better on relying on each other well, and again, just trusting everybody to know what they're doing and that they can do their job and do it well,” she said.

The 1-2 Cougars next play South Shore Technical High School Monday, April 22.