Opinion: Community should preserve more trees

Nov 9, 2022

Dear Editor,

Recently there has been a surge in tree removal. Several properties in town have been cleared and left fallow with stumps and debris. Other trees have been removed because the homeowner considers them a danger and could fall and do damage. Or in some cases the tree has grown too large for the space and the homeowner wants its removed. Any tree can be trimmed and reduced in size.

The Tree Committee would like to urge homeowners to really think about the value and beauty of our trees before removing them. Ask for an opinion from a certified arborist. Or in the case of a street tree ( within 8-10 ft from the road edge) ask the permission of the Tree Warden. Our trees have lived well before us and will live well after us.

The mission of the Tree Committee is the care and planting of street trees within the town and this year we planted 25 new trees in honor of our 25 years as a Tree City. Please don’t hesitate to first ask about tree removal by calling the DPW office and speaking to the Tree Warden or myself, Margie Baldwin.

Margie Baldwin

Marion Tree Committee