OPINION: Elizabeth Taber clock restored thanks to Historical Society

Nov 9, 2021

To the editor:

We at the Elizabeth Taber Library would like to express heartfelt gratitude and thanks for the Sippican Historical Society's willingness to pay for the repair of our beautiful antique grandfather clock from Elizabeth Taber's estate.

This lovely clock graces the library's main room and stands next to the portrait of our town's most renowned benefactor, Elizabeth Taber. The melodious chimes of the clock have not been heard for quite a while, but the Historical society felt as we did, that restoring this clock was a worthwhile venture. They supplied the $700 to have it repaired.

The Elizabeth Taber library provides our citizens with a vital center for education, entertainment, culture and literacy. This lovely clock enhances the center, gracing it with melodious chimes, a relic from Elizabeth Taber's home.

The Sippican Historical Society also educates by preserving the history of our town, interpreting the past to the public and by saving objects and sites so critical to understanding our place in history. I hope you will explore the outstanding programs and offerings of the SHS and consider joining them. Their website can be found at sippicanhistoricalsociety.org.

We are honored that they are our partner.

With Sincere Thanks,

Elise M. Frangos,
President, Elizabeth Taber Library Trustees