Opinion: A Tree’s Plea

Aug 1, 2022

Dear Editor,

Many pass this half tree trunk every day as they travel down Point Road. I think it is a very sad sight.

I wrote this poem from the tree’s perspective as a Letter to the Editor, hoping that someone will take action and remove the tree.

Laura Dadagian-O’Rourke

Travelers on Point Road, near Rogers Drive,
Will come upon the cringeworthy figure of me.
Once, I assure you, I was tall and noble!
But now, I am a pathetic half-a-tree.
Whether I was a hazard, near wires, or diseased, 
Is of no consequence now.
Humans decided that I should no longer live,
That the job was unfinished, none could disavow. 
To add insult to injury, (because the nails do hurt),
Humans came up with a plan, about which I had no voice.
“Let’s do the easy thing and nail in a private lane sign.”
I needed J. R. R. Tolkien's Ents to protest such a lame choice. 
Imagine the Eiffel Tower—chopped in half!
The Statue of Liberty—just the bottom part!
The Egyptian Pyramids—with no tops!
Doesn’t the sight of my half-trunk break your heart?
I had dreams as a youth of soaring upward, 
Growing stronger over time. 
And what is my fate, after decades of growth?
Being condemned to the role of a half-trunk, private road sign. 
“Sippican Lane needed a signItjust one tree
Who cares?” some will say
My reply is that humans need trees, and should show us respect,
Trees cleanse the air you breathe—Every. Single. Day.
My fellow trees lining Point Road,
Tell me of drivers’, cyclists’, and walkers’ frowns,
As they pass by me and utter,
“When will someone take that half-trunk down?”
Please, whoever bears responsibility for what I have become,
Consult with an arborist to assess my fate.
Do me (and every passerby) the courtesy of completing the job that was started,
Please treat me with dignity and at least a shred of grace.