ORR student takes on professional dance

Mar 13, 2021

Old Rochester Regional High School student Storm Lanzoni is pirouetting into the world of professional dance.

Lanzoni, a sophomore at OR, recently had his first professional dancing role in a music video for the Boston-formed indie band Chain of Islands’ latest single, “Foreign.”

“It was actually, like, really eye-opening for me,” Lanzoni said of his experience.

He added that he was surprised by the size of the set, and by the pressure of the studio lights, noting that at first, “it was really intimidating to warm up to them.”

In the video, Lanzoni and co-star Alexa Hashem dance a ballet-style routine in front of a large purple background.

Despite the new arena of professional dance, Lanzoni said he was able to acclimate to the role pretty quickly.

“I was really comfortable with the group of people I was with,” he said. “So that made it easy to adjust.”

Lanzoni said he was surprised with how comfortable he wound up feeling on a set full of equipment and people.

“It didn’t feel like I was just having a camera shoved in my face,” he said, adding that he found himself laughing with the crew throughout the shoot.

But Lanzoni is no stranger to high-performance dancing.

Before his instructor Liam Fitzpatrick helped him get the role in the music video, Lanzoni had already been dancing for 10 years — and competing for eight.

“I’ve been flipping around my house since I could even walk,” Lanzoni said.

He noted that dancing is a lot harder than it seems, and that people don’t tend to appreciate just how much training goes into getting a routine down.

While he said he doesn’t particularly love the training involved to be able to dance at a high level, Lanzoni said the end result is worth it.

“Performing, at the end of the day, is a really nice payoff,” he said.

That doesn’t mean the professional role didn’t pose any challenges, though.

Lanzoni said he’s used to having just one shot to get a dance down perfectly in competition — but dancing for video, he shot take after take of the same routine.

“I did the dance so many times,” he said.

He noted that a lot of mental strength and stamina went into the performance, which he only practiced twice before the shoot.

The dancer said that even though both professional and competitive dance are exciting, “there’s something that’s really fun and like nostalgic almost” about competitive dance.

Still, he said he’d love to do more professional dance if he’s given the opportunity.

For now, Lanzoni said he’s focusing on school and figuring out where he wants to go in life — which he said will likely involve dance in some way.

“It’s helped shape me as a person,” he said.