Pebbles of Rain plays folk, traditional music at Mattapoisett Museum

Jun 25, 2023

MATTAPOISETT — The sounds of banjos, fiddles and accordion filled the air at the Mattapoisett Museum on Saturday, June 24 as members of the band Pebbles of Rain played original tunes to a packed house. 

The group, which consists of Mattapoisett resident Jeff Angeley, Sam Babineau, Steven Brum and Christian Camarao, play a mix of American traditional music, folk, jazz, classical, punk rock, and country. 

According to multi-instrumentalist and composer Camarao, the group started with a Facebook post made by Angeley. Camarao, Babineau and Brum, all former students of Angeley, answered the call. 

“It’s pretty cool,” said Camarao. “[Angeley] and Sam write most of the songs. We have a lot of different influences but they all blend nicely together. I’ve never really been told ‘no’ about something.”

All but one of the songs performed on Saturday night was written by members of the band.

Fiddle player Babineau played “Being Green” a song from her latest EP and multi-instrumentalist  Angeley played his song “I Want You,” from his 2022 album “invocation.”

The group also played tunes written by Brum and Camarao.

The group played to support “Roots and Branches” a folk festival in downtown New Bedford organized by Pebbles of Rain to be held on Saturday, July 22. 

“Everybody here in this band is instrumental in organizing that festival,” said Angeley. “We [will] have four stages of individual performers and outdoor areas with jams … bluegrass music, traditional music, sea shanty choirs, portuguese traditional dance and cape verdean traditional music.”

For Camarao, he has been “very lucky” to play with Pebbles of Rain.

“I’ve been playing music for a decently long amount of time,” he said. “[Playing with Pebbles of Rain] has never felt like work … we meet every Thursday at eight and then we [play] until like one in the morning.”