Rochester artist communicates, connects in museum exhibition

Jul 10, 2023

MATTAPOISETT — Art and activism go hand in hand for artist Alia Cusolito. 

The Mattapoisett Museum held a Queer Artistry and Pride exhibit and reception on Saturday, July 8 to showcase Cusolito’s multi-media artwork.

As co-president of the non-profit Queer Youth Assemble, Cusolito’s artwork takes inspiration from the experience of growing up in Rochester as a member of the LGBTQ community. 

“Art is a really powerful way to communicate ideas and connect with people,” said Cusolito. “If you’re trying to get people to understand your perspective or see the world in a different way, then art can be a really powerful way to do that.”

Cusolito’s work uses a range of mediums including acrylic paint, linoleum stamps and collage. Cusolito said most materials used in their collage pieces are torn from magazines.

“I really like multimedia,” they said. “That's why a couple of the paintings also have a lot of texture to them, that dimension makes it really interesting to look at.”

According to Cusolito, their piece titled “Cultivate” explores their dueling experiences of growing up in a small “conservative” town of Rochester as a queer person. 

“Cultivate” is a multimedia piece including black and white images from magazines and brightly colored flowers painted with acrylic paint. 

Cusolito was excited to see all 12 pieces displayed together for the first time. 

“It feels cohesive even if I didn't make it to be,” Cusolito said. “It is really exciting.”

Cusolito’s artwork will be on display at the Mattapoisett Museum through Monday July 24.