Scholars test their knowledge to support the library

Mar 28, 2023

MARION — Families, friends and neighbors gathered together to test their trivia skills to benefit the Elizabeth Taber Library on Friday, March 24.

The Kiehl family made up the team “Even Kiehl.” They admitted they were novices when it came to trivia, but that didn’t stop them from participating in a chance to support their local library. 

“I read a couple of history books on Marion but that was a while ago,” said Jim Kiehl. “It’s a fun night out.”

Luckily for the Kiehls, the history of Marion was not the only category that tested participant’s knowledge. Topics on the table included literature, Boston sports, pop culture and more. 

According to Elizabeth Taber Library trustee Christina Bonney, this was the second annual “Lizzy T” Trivia Night hosted by the library at the Marion Music Hall.

“The first one went really well,” she said. “So we didn’t reinvent the wheel.”

Bonney said that the first trivia night in 2022 raised $3,500, this year they raised approximately  $2,200.

“It's something that is different but still goes with the library theme of gathering knowledge,” she said. 

Last year’s reigning champions, team “Big Emil,” felt confident returning to trivia night. According to team leader Marthe Soden, their trivia strategy was to have a team with diverse knowledge.

“We have young people that know all the young people stuff that we don’t know,” she said referring to her fellow teammates. “We [have] people that know music and art, everyone has their own area of expertise.”

The team consisted of neighbors who live on Emils Way. They named their team after an infamous, unmelting snowbank that formed in their neighborhood. 

“I think part of it was still there in July,” said team member Patty White. 

The winning team got an assortment of goodies donated by local businesses like Forno Bakery, Ripe From the Vine and more.

“It's always a lot of fun,” said Bonney.