School district remembers Nolan Gibbons

May 19, 2021

The students and faculty of the Old Rochester Regional School District won’t forget Nolan Gibbons.

The OR high school held a remembrance and plaque unveiling for Gibbons, a student who died last summer, on May 18.

The ceremony included speeches from Principal Michael Devoll, students, teachers and friends.

Gibbons was a musician and actor, and much of the ceremony focused on his talent, personality and charm.

Sophomore co-class president Gabriella Berg said Gibbons was “always humming a song in class or tapping his foot to a beat” when they were younger.

The ceremony featured two performances by Gibbons, an unreleased song called “My Turn” and a ukulele rendition of “You got a Friend in Me,” by Randy Newman. Also featured was a tribute music video from Gibbons’ a cappella group.

“He made our lives collectively brighter,” sophomore co-class president Kathleen Dunn said. “A true artist, and nothing held him back.”

Kelly Zucco, who knew Gibbons through her performance group Showstoppers, said she knew he was a talent from the start.

“Nolan is up there right now singing with the angels,” OR junior Eddie Gonet said. “I’m sure he’s inspiring them all.”