Snow day snow problem as area sparkles like snow globe

Jan 7, 2022

Sure, storms can cause headaches but they can also produce stunning images.

The six inches or so that fell on the region Friday, Jan. 7 prompted our readers to share some striking scenes.

Some people built snowmen, others chilled out by the fire and enjoyed the winter wonderland outside their window.

Thanks to everyone who shared their photos. And if you didn’t get the chance to send along snow shots, fear not: There will almost certainly be another snowfall before the curtain closes on another New England winter. 





This beautiful photo of the aptly named boat Serene proves that while storms might bring headaches, they also can create majestic beauty.

Have storm photos of your area? Making a snowman? Sledding? Or just enjoying the snow-covered scenery?

Feel free to send them to We’d love to see them and share them with our readers!