Solar array proposed for Rochester Memorial School

Sep 5, 2019

ROCHESTER — Matt Shortsleeve, of the Hopkinton-based Solect Energy, proposed a 300 kilowatt rooftop solar array for Rochester Memorial School to the Rochester School Committee on Thursday, Sept. 5.

According to Shortsleeve, the proposed array could meet 60% of the school’s electricity needs and avoid the emission of 5,300 tons of carbon dioxide over a 20 year contract period.

He also said that the array would save the school tens of thousands of dollars annually, however the project is still in the early stages of negotiation, and exact financial amounts and specifications of the solar array are subject to change.

Shortsleeve said that the school was a promising location for a solar array due to the well-maintained building, and the Town of Rochester’s interest as a green community. “I think Rochester and the Old Rochester Regional School District have a chance to demonstrate leadership, and commit to a clean energy future,” he said.

Following Shortsleeve’s presentation, the school committee gave Superintendent Doug White approval to continue negotiations with Shortsleeve and Solect Energy. A final decision on whether or not to build the rooftop solar array has not been made at this time.

School Committee Chair Sharon Hartley said that the solar array has a “potential great benefit” to both the school committee and Town of Rochester.