Tabor Academy opens Travis Roy Campus Center

Mar 21, 2023

MARION — The Marion skyline has been forever changed with the unveiling of Tabor Academy’s new Travis Roy Campus Center on Tuesday, March 21.

The building was envisioned as a center for “academic support, club meetings, student publications, collaborative work, social connection and community events,” said Tabor Academy Head of School Tony Jaccaci.

Jaccaci sees this new campus center as “a historic moment,” that will move the school into “the next phase of [Tabor Academy’s] history, firmly focused on the lives and experiences of [students].”

The interior of the building includes a student union and cafe, several glass-walled offices and meeting rooms, a new library and archives.

Liam Gotthold, a 14-year-old student at Tabor Academy, sat down with fellow student Charlie Jackivicz, 15, for a game of chess in the building’s library. “It’s awesome,” said Gotthold, referring to the building.

The building is dedicated to 1995 Tabor Academy graduate and trustee Travis Roy, who was paralyzed from the neck down during a hockey game at Boston University in 1995. Roy died in 2020.

Roy’s classmate and friend Maija Scarpaci said that she hopes current Tabor Academy students will “try to emulate some of [Roy’s] best qualities … I hope you will be your kindest self inside these doors, I hope you will try your absolute hardest at whatever you are doing inside these doors.”

And the campus center will be the site of another historic moment — the interment of a time capsule, to be opened in 2076.

The capsule will contain school publications, items that highlight arts and athletics programs at the school, recipes from the student dining hall, water and sand from Sippican Harbor and a KN95 face mask.