Tabor head of school decision is shameful

Feb 14, 2020
To the Editor: 
We are deeply disappointed to hear of the Board’s  decision to keep John Quirk in his role as Head of School of Tabor. After sending our 3 boys to Tabor and supporting the school each and every year through the Giving campaign, we are seriously doubting our faith and trust in the school.  
When Mr. Quirk took over as Head of School, he had no problems cleaning house of faculty and students who were rule breakers. How can you hold students accountable for their behavior when Mr. Quirk is not accountable for his?
He was pulled over driving 80 MPH in a 50 MPH zone.  The police reported that he was glossy eyed, smelled of alcohol, was tangled in his neck tie, admitted to having 6 drinks and called the 5 sobriety tests that he failed a "career killer." If you think these are acceptable behaviors and responses from the Head of School then you are sadly mistaken. He is an embarrassment. And now, sadly, so are you. 
As for the two-strike rule, that is just another pitiful comment of the world we live in today where children are increasingly taught by the adults around them that they can do what they want without consequence. That is not the Tabor my boys attended, nor is it one to be proud of. Regardless of this, Mr Quirk has an obligation to display basic morals we all hope for our children. At the very least, one would expect the Head of School to be a law abiding citizen willing to take responsibility and accept appropriate consequences of his actions.  
Shame on John Quirk for not doing the right thing and stepping down. Shame on you all for being enablers in this outrageous situation. Shame on Tabor Academy. 
Paul and Laurie Bannon
Jarrod ’08
Andrew ’11
Zachary ’15