Two school administrators look to retire in June

Jan 4, 2019

As the New Year comes around, schools in the tri-town are faced with the knowledge that they will have to find some new administrators to fill two top school positions.

Evelyn Rivet, principal at Sippican School, announced that she would retire at the end of the year in a letter sent home to parents on Dec. 20.

And just after the new year, on Jan. 3, members at a Rochester School Committee meeting considered how to deal with the retirement of Dr. Elise Frangos, who serves as Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, at the end of the year.

Rivet has worked at Sippican School for 19 years. She initially served as a reading teacher, and stepped into the role of principal in 2009.

Frangos started with the Old Rochester Regional School District in 2010, and has helped with improving school academic programs across a wide variety of subjects. However, she has also helped with a educating about community health efforts as well.

The process to find a new principal for Sippican School should be fairly standard. The Superintendant’s office will form a committee with teachers, administrators, parents and community members. The school has already posted about the position, and will accept applications for about six weeks before beginning interviews.

Finalists for the position will be invited to Sippican School for the day, and will also have the committee visit at their schools, before Superintendant Douglas White chooses the next principal.

One member of the Rochester School Committee proposed that, budget permitting, two people should be hired to handle curriculum development in Frangos’ place. One would handle math and science subjects, while the other would handle English Language Arts.

However, White explained that because Frangos works with all of the schools in the district, they would all need to consider if they would hire two people to handle curriculum.

The board decided to continue the discussion at a later date, after consulting other schools.