Warriors win second Cape Cod Hockey Fest championship

Aug 27, 2022

The Warriors pulled out another victory at Cape Cod Hockeyfest this year with their second straight seasonal championship win on Aug. 18.

The team, coached by Skip Schiappa of Wareham with assistants Chris Consoletti of Wareham and Leo Schiappa of Marion, is one of six teams in the Cape Cod Hockey Fest. The league is comprised mainly of ice hockey players from public and private high schools around the South Coast, though there are non-local summer residents that participate as well. 

The Warriors had 13 wins and 1 loss all season, something Schiappa says that he is very proud of.

“It feels great to win because it’s a group win,” he said. “We’re exceptionally happy about the win because it really shows the team mentality that everybody brought something to the table to win two years in row.”

Schiappa says that the boys on the team worked really hard, but were also just as committed to having fun as they were to learning the necessary skills. 

“That made them competitive and it gave them a great chance to win,” he said. Schiappa looks forward to having them back on the ice again next year.