Winter comes early in Marion

Nov 9, 2018

MARION — It hasn’t snowed yet, but one room of the Benjamin D. Cushing Recreation Center has a touch of the Wonders of Winter after an art show by the same name opened there on Friday.

The artists in the show are all involved with the Marion Council on Aging.

“They all work in different media, so we have oil, pastel, watercolor, and I do collage,” said Mary Ross. Another artist added that they also had a collagraph, a collage that is inked over and transferred onto paper using a press.

Though the show is winter themed, not all of the works depict winter scenes. And not all of the winter scenes involve snow or ice. One tropical painting is entitled “Winter in Jamaica.”

Though the artists may be older, this simply gives them more experience to draw from in organizing the show.

“I’ve always been interested in art and galleries, and always helped out in galleries,” Ross said to explain why she got involved in the show. Though she also admitted that, “It’s getting harder for me to hang things.”

Photographer Floyd Badger told the tale of how he got a photograph of dawn over a New Bedford harbor that is featured in the show.

“We got a five or six inch overnight snowfall, and I said ‘I’ve got to go down there and see if I can get a few shots. It was pitch black when I got there, but I waited till the sun came out,” Badger recounted. 

Badger does much of his photography in Maine, and sold his canvas works at fairs in Maine for years. Now his work is for sale on the Recreation Center walls.